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Flu Face Masks For The Elderly

As another outbreak of the bird flu is creating concern globally, the focus for the elderly should be on what they can do to prevent infections. Seniors are considered as high risk individuals not only for contracting infections but also for experiencing the most serious complications as a result of these infections. Vaccinations, when available, […]

Tips for Taking Care of the Elderly in Your Home

Taking care of an older person is one of the greatest gifts that you may give in life. Whereas it is the norm for children and grandchildren to take care of the elderly in some cultures, it is not so throughout the world. Sometimes younger family members do not want to take care of seniors […]

Handrails Safety Importance for the Elderly

It is often only once an accident occurs that one looks at safety measures within the household. Falls are the most common type of injury sustained by the elderly – most occur within the household and it often has severe implications. In fact most hospitalizations for fractured bones and other types of trauma in the […]

Bifocals, Trifocals and Progressive Multifocals for Seniors

Age-related changes in vision starts around the age of 40 years. It is usually minor in the early stages but gets progressively worse over time. This age-related change in vision is known as presbyopia. It must not be mistaken with the other vision problems in life such as myopia (short sight), hyperopia (far sight) or […]

Air Conditioning for the Elderly

Air Conditioning for the Elderly

For many, the option of air conditioning is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. But with global climate change bringing about extreme weather conditions, air conditioning may be an answer to prevent deaths in some instances. Gone are the days where air conditioners were big and bulky units to cool the office or […]

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