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Tips for Taking Care of the Elderly in Your Home

Taking care of an older person is one of the greatest gifts that you may give in life. Whereas it is the norm for children and grandchildren to take care of the elderly in some cultures, it is not so throughout the world. Sometimes younger family members do not want to take care of seniors […]

Elderly Mobility Scale for Frail Elderly Patients

What is the elderly mobility scale? The Elderly Mobility Scale (EMS) is a means to assess the functional ability of an elderly person, especially those who are frail, in terms of physical mobility. It is a standardized scale by which geriatric health care professionals, particularly physical therapists, can assess the physical ability of the elderly […]

Stair Lifts for the Elderly to Climb Stairs

Stair lifts, or stairlifts, are electric devices that carry a person up and down a flight of stairs. It is one of the most costly assistive devices but can make a major difference for a person’s independence particularly in a multi-storey home. Stair lifts are mainly considered for a person who is disabled and dependent […]

Axillary and Nonaxillary (Forearm) Crutches for Walking Support

Axillary and Nonaxillary (Forearm) Crutches for Walking Support

Crutches are often seen as the in-between mobility aid, providing greater stability than a walking cane yet not being as restrictive as a medical walker. A crutch, however, as with any mobility aid should be used when the situation demands it as each type of device has distinctive pros and cons. It is ideally suited […]

Medical Walkers for Lower Body Weakness, Paralysis, Elderly

Mobility aids are assistive devices that improves a person’s level of functioning, primarily with regard to movement but also has an impact on many aspects of daily life both in terms of physical and mental functioning. The simplest of the mobility aids are walking sticks which assists with balance and stability. A step above are […]

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