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Keeping Cool in Hot Weather – Tips and Warnings

  Whether it is a hot summer or a freak heat wave, the elderly are more prone to heat-related illnesses than younger adults. The body has several mechanisms to keep the core temperature within the normal range but may not always be working as it should in seniors. Watching the mercury and heeding warnings by […]

Bath Water Temperature Safety for the Elderly

The temperature of bath water is not often considered as a major safety hazard to adults, but to the elderly with impaired senses and slower movement, it is a significant risk. Bathing in water that is too hot obviously runs the risk of burns but there is also danger in water that is hot yet […]

Heat Stroke and Other Heat-Related Illnesses in the Elderly

The internal body temperature should stay within the normal range around 98.6 Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius at all times. The temperature on the surface of the body (skin) varies to some degree depending on the climate but the body has various mechanisms to ensure that the internal temperature stays constant. If the internal temperature drops […]

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