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body temperature

Alcohol Use for Keeping Warm in Cold Weather

Contrary to popular opinion, using alcohol in cold weather does not keep you warm. With the elderly there is the added risk that the temperature-regulating mechanisms may be impaired due to age, disease and chronic medication. Consuming alcohol in an attempt to keep warm can therefore be disastrous. Although alcohol makes the skin feel warm […]

Air Conditioning for the Elderly

Air Conditioning for the Elderly

For many, the option of air conditioning is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. But with global climate change bringing about extreme weather conditions, air conditioning may be an answer to prevent deaths in some instances. Gone are the days where air conditioners were big and bulky units to cool the office or […]

Heat Stroke and Other Heat-Related Illnesses in the Elderly

The internal body temperature should stay within the normal range around 98.6 Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius at all times. The temperature on the surface of the body (skin) varies to some degree depending on the climate but the body has various mechanisms to ensure that the internal temperature stays constant. If the internal temperature drops […]

Hypothermia in the Elderly and First Aid for Low Body Temperature

The body maintains a constant temperature of around 98.6F or about 37C which is needed for it to function properly. Although the normal body temperature can fluctuate slightly and even drop but still be within a normal range, it should not dip lower than 95F or about 35C. When it does so, certain organs cannot […]

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