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Mental Health Tips For Senior


Until recent times, mental health had always been stigmatized as a sign of demonic possession. However, mental health has started to become a significant health issue as more awareness has been raised in regards to its origins. This is especially true during the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, where people around the world are forced to stay indoors. In this time of prolonged isolation, keeping mental health strong is important for everyone, especially seniors, as they are more prone to the disease which inadvertently traps them at home in fear of the high elderly mortality rate from COVID-19.

Common Stressors For Seniors During COVID-19

According to the CDC, some major factors that can cause stress are:

  • Concerns regarding protecting oneself from the disease, as COVID-19 has a high mortality rate when it comes to seniors.
  • Fear over cuts to community support and regular health check-ups, which may occur as public service availability may be reduced as a result of the pandemic
  • Prolonged feeling of social isolation, particularly seniors who live alone or in provinces that have imposed extensive travel ban that prohibits relative from visiting
  • Guilt for a loved one or relative helping the seniors with most of their activities

Ways of dealing with these stress:

Accepting That Having A Certain Amount Of Stress Is Healthy

Even though COVID-19 can be terrifying for most seniors. Having a bit of stress can motivate us to take action to protect ourselves and loved ones. However, if the stress is causing insomnia or pain in the head. It may be symptoms of chronic stress, which may require medical care.

Keeping In Touch With Family

Staying home alone or with a partner can feel isolating. Thus, it is important to contact the family during this difficult time, as staying in touch with family can be a method of relaxation for seniors. Seniors can contact their families through telephone, email, or social media.

Avoid Substance Abuse

Using substances like alcohol can be a tempting way to deal with stress, but it is more harmful than helpful. Using these substances throughout a long period can buildup tolerance, which means you need a higher dose to stave off stress. This might mean a higher risk of overdosing, which would be particularly dangerous during this time. Thus, it is essential to not take non-prescribed medicine.

Being Active

Being quarantined at home does not mean that you can’t stay active, as there is still a need for daily exercise to maintain a healthy body. Therefore, doing exercise is essential to staying healthy. Also, exercising can be a way of reducing stress. As people’s bodies undergo exercise, the brain would release dopamine which can reduce stress and brighten people’s moods. Some simple yogas are doable for most seniors. For more information on this topic click the link to know more about yoga routines that are friendly for seniors

Reaching Out To Professionals

Despite most health facilities ‘ closure, there are ways of getting support from health professionals, as government both in the US and Canada have websites specifically for seniors who might be suffering from overwhelming stress. For US senior citizens, you can visit the CDC website, Link here. For Canadian citizens, you can visit the CAMH, Link here.

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