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Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly

What is Urinary Incontinence? It’s when we lose control of our bladder, and is a very common problem especially as we age. This can cause minor inconveniences, or major ones, depending on its severity. For example, some people leak urine from when they cough from time to time, while others get sudden urges to urinate […]

Oral Health Tips for Seniors

Not too long ago, people assumed that we would lose our teeth naturally regardless of how we lived. However, older people today are keeping their teeth healthy and maintaining them for longer than before. Maintaining your oral health, and keeping your mouth and teeth clean are essential to being able to eat delicious foods, as […]

Vaccines for Seniors

Our body’s immune system tends to get weaker and weaker as we age. This means that it becomes harder and harder for our body to fight off disease and infections, even ones that are common. When we are young, getting a cold wasn’t a big deal and we could rely on our immune system to […]

Elderly Dieting Tips: What Should you be Eating?

Eating right goes without saying across all age groups. However, keeping a balanced and healthy diet is essential in our senior years, a period of time when our immune system begins to weaken. By eating healthily, we increase our resistances against illnesses, our mental fortitude, our stamina, and many other bodily functions. Don’t mistaken this […]

Leukemia in the Elderly

Leukemia is a common cancer found in senior’s blood cells that initially involves the production of irregular white blood cells called leukemia cells in the bone marrow.  As time progresses, these leukemia cells overpopulate the bone marrow’s other healthy blood cells inhibiting the blood from performing vital tasks such as fighting infections and carrying oxygen.  […]

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