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Epilepsy in the Elderly

Epilepsy (or seizure disorder) is a brain disorder that can be characterized by the unpredictable seizures. It is the fourth most common neurological disorder that affects people of all ages, which also affects nearly 1 million US adults aged 55 or above. Despite the high number of Epilepsy patients,. almost half of the seniors who […]

Effect of Anesthesia on the Elderly

When we get older, our bodies begin to weaken, and lose the ability to fight off some diseases or conditions by themselves. Surgery will be required in many instances, which includes the use of anesthesia to ensure the process is painless. The general use of anesthesia includes both intravenous (through the veins) and inhaled drugs […]

Gum Disease (Periodontal) in the Elderly

One of the most common dental problems in adults is gum disease. The troubling part is that because it often develops so slowly and doesn’t have any obvious symptoms early on (pain), it may go on unnoticed until it gets serious. The immune system’s response to bacteria is what causes gum disease, but it may […]

Substance Abuse in the Elderly

Substance abuse occurs in individuals of all ages, but are especially dangerous in seniors because they are more susceptible to their negative, and potentially deadly effects. As we grow older, our brain becomes more sensitive to mind-altering effects, and our body’s ability to metabolize drugs weakens. This makes it dangerous for seniors to even use […]

Better Eating in the Elderly – Considering a Healthier Diet

As we grow older, there are many systems in our bodies that start to deteriorate. Such include our levels of energy, resistances to sicknesses, and general mental fortitude and stability. Eating healthier, and watching what we eat is key to maintaining our bodies and the ensuring that we are mentally and emotionally strong. The best […]

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