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Adult Diapers for the Elderly


Adult Diapers for the ElderlyThe elderly are prone to various conditions which may affect the ability to control bodily functions like urination and defecation. This can lead to embarrassing and uncomfortable situations both for the senior and caregivers. An adult diaper for elderly can help in these instances by providing a convenient means to prevent soiling of the clothes or the embarrassment of the odor from urine or excrement. It is not just for debilitated and bedridden seniors but can be useful for even an active senior with impaired bladder and bowel control.

Types of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers can be broadly divided between disposable diapers and reusable diapers. The disposable variety is discarded after a single use at the end of the day or once the diaper is soiled. Reusable diapers can be cleaned and used again although in most instances small disposable pads are placed within the diaper which can then be discarded once soiled.

There may be other features of adult diapers such as straps/tabs, pull up varieties and even belted undergarments.

  • Strap or tab varieties of adult diapers have adhesive waist tabs that can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit.
  • Pull up diapers are elasticated diapers that can be slipped on an off without any adjusting mechanism.
  • Belted undergarments are adjustable diapers that has reusable belts which is inserted into the straps on the disposable diaper.

When to use an adult diaper?

Adult diapers can be used by an person, irrespective of age, who has problems with incontinence. The related causes of incontinence are more likely to be seen in the elderly. A person who has problems with mobility may also need to use a diaper since reaching a toilet facility at every call may not be possible. Any person with dementia should also use diapers as the impaired cognitive abilities may lead to soiling oneself without realizing that this behavior is unhygienic and inappropriate.

However, the instances above illustrate situations where adult diapers are necessary. Sometimes a person may wish to use an adult diaper despite having fairly good bowel and bladder control. This may revolve around the need to regularly pass stool or urine without suitable toilet facilities being available. It may occur in a person with inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome or overactive bladder syndrome. A diaper in these instances allows a person to venture out without being impeded by their frequent need for sanitary toilet facilities.

Problems with Adult Diapers

Diapers are safe, hygienic and convenient and if used properly it should not have any adverse effects. However, there are several points that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing and using adult diapers.

  • Change the diaper immediately after urinating or defecating and dispose of it appropriately.
  • Always buy diapers from reputable manufacturers to avoid allergic reactions to the diaper material.
  • Wear a diaper that fits appropriately to avoid chaffing and subsequent skin infections.
  • Never re-use a disposable diaper even if it has not been soiled.
  • Clean reusable cloth diapers as directed by the manufacturer using hot water and hanging in sunlight to maintain hygiene.

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